Goldschmied Stempel

Have you faced with this problem before?

The birthday of your climbing partner is about to come and you have no idea what kind of present to give. To get a carabiner or a climbing book a third time for Christmas might be boring.
Why not try jewelry as an alternative? Especially with women you are never wrong.After a longer search, I realized that there is jewelry for cyclists, weight lifters, even for chess players, but there is nothing for climbers.
As a qualified jeweler I wanted to take remedial action. I began to produce climbing jewelry myself. These pieces have been a great success among my circle of acquaintances so that I am going to develop that concept even further.
After you have gotten an impression of me and my little climbing men, how I call them lovingly, and if you are also of the opinion that might be something for you, please write.

I am also open to criticism and suggestions for improvement, such as:
  - There should be a stud earring with laybacking technique.
  - - You need stronger leatherband for the pendants.
  - - The piercing stems are too short.

At the moment you can order the climbing jewelry from me via e-mail. Please use the contact form.

Let's go!